Mom Boss.....

Sometimes it gets tough. Running a business while still running a household. Social media really gave an unrealistic idea of what it really meant to be a mom boss, as if being a mom boss were two seperate identities. The Mom boss part stood alone. In reality being a mom boss required no additional businesses, LLC , OR CEO titles. Being a mom boss is just that, being a Mom is and always has been the boss of everything. So starting a business never separated me from the rest of the moms, nor was I looking for it to do so. There was no cloud opening moment where being a mom got easier because I was now able to be my own boss. I essentially added 10 million additional task onto my already hectic schedule. I packed on the anxiety and stress. Putting my mind into overtime all of the time. Rewarding? Yes, I can't complain about this journey. I've made myself proud in ways I couldn't imagine. I'm setting a dope example for my children. I'm facing fears head on and overcoming debilitating battles. This journey isn't so I can simply say I'm a boss, which is PRETTY  dope. But it's for growth, for all of the no's I have told myself, and the empty promises I made myself, for the moments I  continuously slept on my abilities. I'm pretty freaking awesome! Yes. But this journey is tough. It's not easy. Some days I don't know if I'm coming or going. Some days I want to break down and cry but can't because there are people, often times strangers who depend on the delivery of my product in order to complete their task. Then there are times I do, I break down and cry because I can! I have every right too. As long as I pick myself up and keep going. Never stop. Never stop. So here is to all of my Mom bosses, my entrepreneurs, my big dreamers, my Bosses, my just surviving survivors. WE GOT THIS! EVEN ON THE BAD DAYS!

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